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Employment in Germany

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Summer job in Germany

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Our company Europa Travel is engaged in sending students from 2017 to summer work and practice in Germany. This program gives students an excellent opportunity to live and work in Germany,  to travel to EU countries and meet new people. Get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the European people and improve  knowledge of the German language.

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Program of professional education

Profession: All specialty can apply
Period: 2,5 - 3 years
Age: from 18 to 35 years

Summer job(Ferienjob)

Employment for full-time students

Period: from 2 to 3 months
Age: from 18 to 35 years

6, 9, 12 - month  Internship

Paid Internship

Students: junior,senior year students
Profession: Economics, Tourism.
Gastronomy  and etc.

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Full-time students from all departments from 18 to 35 years can apply for the programm

Yes,we offer Ausbildung programm.

Быть студентом 3 и 4 курса с уровнем В1 и выше, и учиться на факультете Экономики, Менеджмента, Туризма, Пищевой промышленности.

Yes, accomodation will be provided for certain fee

Unfortunately, the Schengen visa  cannot be extended, but national - yes.

First, student should have a good knowledge of German language. Secondly, be friendly, honest and sociable.


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What our clients say Клубника

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    Europa Travel is a company that I will advise my friends and family. I spent wonderful summer holidays with Ferienjob program, the working conditions in Germany completely coincided with the information I received from the company's employees.

    Aizhamal Baialinova

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    It is polite and helpful staff, attentive to the smallest details. Very responsible people work here.  Almost from the first minutes of communication with them you feel in a friendly and calm atmosphere

    Samat Turarbekov

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    Feel free to trust to experienced, attentive and caring wonderful people, they will show you everything, tell and do everything in the best possible way !!!

    Alina Emilovna



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